What do I think about learn english by yourself ?

Today I want to talk us about learn English. But not with teacher. Alone ! I’ve treid to learn English by meself. I think it’s perfect idea for young people which want to master foreign languages .It doesn’t be Enlish. What do you dream. I learn too Japanese. Japanese isn’t to easy how each languages.

~How do I start ?~

The first you have to prepare some stationery and reading matter.It let to master bit languages. For example: books, magazine, films and whatever. I chose it:

  • Longman, Repetytorium gimnazjalne-j.angielski 
  • Express Publishing, Egzamin gimnazjalny Repetytorium 
  • English matters -magazyn dla uczących się j.ang.
  • Werner Fink, English for GB and UD Fans 
  • Edgard, Angielski najważniejsze idiomy 
  • Ken Sinhleton, Angielski trudne konstrukcje 
  • Jeremy Harrison , Angielski Czasowniki złożone
  • Oxford Wordpower ,słownik 
I know that you could think I’m crazy cause I hold monologue. But just monologue is brainchild for learn. I chat in English. About everything. I speak what I want to do and what I think. I have to try this method.
~More and more~
In all languages core is words ! We must… we have to read up on sth.Print words’ list and learn it ! 

3 myśli nt. „What do I think about learn english by yourself ?

  1. I love learn english . And i do it always by myself. I think that’s the best way cuz u can pay attention only to yourself not for your classmate. By the way, my teacher is sucks !
    Best of luck ! ;)

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